About Mehr & Nahid

The Aban Protests of Iran were a tragic reminder of the dangers of government censorship and the importance of access to free and open internet. During those protests, the Islamic Republic brutally killed over 2500 protesters while imposing an internet blackout to prevent them from communicating with the outside world. It was a horrific act that left many of us feeling helpless and frustrated.

However, in the midst of that darkness, there was a glimmer of hope. After the murder of Jina Amini, we launched Iran's largest community on Reddit, r/NewIran, which had previously been hijacked by sympathizers of the Islamic Republic. After months of planning with r/NewIran users, we listed a number of vital ways we, as a community, could keep the flame of the revolution alive and to prevent another blackout. Our organization, Mehr & Nahid, inspired by the flag of r/NewIran, emerged to help the people of Iran stay connected and to prevent another massacre. We recognized the power of technology and the internet, and we saw an opportunity to use that power to make a difference.

Mehr & Nahid is dedicated to using the r/NewIran community on Reddit to distribute VPN licenses and private internet servers to keep Iranians connected. We understand that in a world where internet access is restricted, VPNs and private servers are essential tools for staying connected and spreading information.

But Mehr & Nahid isn't just providing these tools for free. While Mehr & Nahid is not registered as a charity, we're also using a communal fundraising model where we dedicate every dollar of revenue minus the operational costs to VPNs & Starlink subscriptions. This means that not only are we helping Iranians stay connected, but they're also investing in the future of internet freedom and democracy.

We're standing up for the people of Iran and ensuring that they have access to the information and resources they need to stay safe and connected.

We cannot let the events of the Aban Protests fade into memory, nor the 20,000 prisoners taken hostage to be forgotten, nor the hundreds that have been killed pass in vain. We cannot let the lives lost be forgotten. We must continue to stand with the people of Iran and fight for their right to free and open internet access. And we can do that by supporting organizations like Mehr & Nahid who are leading the charge on the technology sphere.