Starlink in Iran: Donations & Sponsorships

The power of technology, social media and the internet has been a vital tool in Iranians' struggle against tyranny of Islamic Republic. However, the Iranian government has been censoring the internet and blocking access to social media platforms to suppress the voices of the people and journalists, while restricting the connectivity of networks organizing the revolution and the strikes. That is why the internet is crucial for Iranians to continue their revolution.

One community that has been at the forefront of this fight is r/NewIran on Reddit. This community has been working tirelessly to keep Iranians connected by sponsoring VPN subscriptions, which allow them to bypass government censorship and access the internet freely. Their efforts have been a lifeline for many Iranians who rely on the internet to communicate and share information.

But the fight is far from over, and the Iranian people need more than just VPNs to continue their revolution. That is where the Starlink technology comes in. Starlink is a satellite internet service that provides high-speed internet access anywhere in the world. Its technology allows Iranians to bypass government censorship and access the internet freely.

The r/NewIran community has taken a huge leap in establishing an active distribution and sponsorship network for Starlink in Iran for journalists and community leaders. This initiative will help provide a more reliable and secure means of communication for Iranians, especially those in remote areas where internet access is limited.

However, the cost of Starlink in Iran is nearly five times the standard due to massive costs and securities. That is why the r/NewIran community is calling on people to donate anonymously to the purchase of Starlink with Etherium, Bitcoin, and Monero. This initiative will enable more Iranians to have access to reliable internet and continue their fight for freedom and democracy.



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