Collection: Deathless for Nika

“Deathless” is a project we initiated to amplify the crimes of the IRGC against Nika. The wears in the deathless collection have a QR code leading to the BBC documentary narrating the brutal murder of Nika Shakarami and her iconic fight against the terrorists.

The design itself was primarily inspired by Nika’s all-black clothing in her day of capture. The “Deathless” theme incorporates the Skull of Arditi, which was said to be inspired by the banner of the Celician pirates. Celician pirates were the organization that spread the culture of Persian Immortals and the deathless martial traditions of Mithraism to Rome  – home of the Arditi. The organization began under the patronage of emperor King Mithridates VI Eupator. The design also incorporates “Deathless and Free” in Persian cuneiform. 

Nika Shakarami Martyr of Iran protests - YouTube