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Iranian-Israeli Solidarity Flag (Ceremonial)

Iranian-Israeli Solidarity Flag (Ceremonial)

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Israeli national colors on the left, Iranian colours on the right. Oak Branches of the Zagros Mountains (Iran) and Olive Branches Of the Mediterranean Sea (Israel) guard two stars of 7-rays. Seven is sacred for both Iranians and Israelis in both symbolism and ethos. The two overlapping stars with 7 rays embodies the mutuality of Iranian and Israeli values and our shared history since the construction of the second temple by Cyrus the Great – whose day of commemoration is the 7th day of the Iranian month of Aban. Most importantly, 7 also represents the 7th of October, when the rallies for solidarity begun.

7 for Israelis represents 7 lamps of Menorah and the 7 laws of Noah. 7 for Iranians represents the 7 Amesha Spentas and 7 codes of acheiving human wholeness.


.: 100% polyester
.: Weatherproof and fade resistant fabric
.: One size (36" × 60") (91.44cm × 152.4cm)
.: Features sleeve at top
.: The same design printed on both sides
.: Flagpole not included
.: *NB! The product is in a vertical orientation - please double-check the horizontal design

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