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Mehr & Nahid

New Iran Flag (Mehr o Nahid)

New Iran Flag (Mehr o Nahid)

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National Flag: 5 Feet x 3 Feet
 152.4 cm x 91.4 cm

100D Polyester - High Quality

The Classic design is exclusively available for purchase here.

This striking flag features the powerful and iconic symbols of Mithra and Anahita. Mehr (Mithra) the deity of light, liberty, and justice, and Nahid (Anahita) the deity of fertility, life, and prosperity, are the two central icons of the Iranian civilization. 

Mithra, the god of light and wisdom, represents knowledge, truth, and justice. Anahita, the goddess of water and fertility, represents beauty, strength, and vitality. Together, these two symbols embody the rich history and values of Iran and its people.

But this flag is not just a celebration of Iran's past - it also represents the ongoing struggle for women's rights and freedom in Iran today. The slogan of Woman Life Freedom is emblazoned on the flag, reminding us of the vital importance of this ongoing fight.

As an Iranian, displaying the Mithra and Anahita Flag is a powerful way to show your support for these values and this struggle. And for anyone who appreciates the beauty and strength of Iranian culture, this flag is a must-have.

Made from high-quality materials and designed to last, the Mithra and Anahita Flag is a beautiful and meaningful addition to any home or workspace.

For ordering custom dimensions of the flag, contact us

Originally made by u/MazdaPars of Reddit.

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